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[icon] Hello . . . - a Andrew/Jonathan slash group
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Subject:Hello . . .
Time:07:55 pm
My first post here; hope it's OK. And I haven't really come up with a title.

Author: pedanticpervert
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Jonathan/Andrew
Rating: NC17
Summary: Jonathan is touch-hungry and sharing a bed in Mexico with Andrew:
Disclaimer: Not my characters at all.

Jonathan woke up on his side, tangled in the blankets. No, wait -- that wasn't just blankets. The part behind him was Andrew. Damned bed was too narrow, but what could a fugitive in a foreign land expect? Better Andrew pressed up against him than some slimy demon thing conjured up by a vengeful witch. He'd had too many nightmares about that possibility. Andrew's breath past his ear was familiar and almost comforting in comparison.

Andrew shifted in his sleep, settling more firmly against Jonathan, who realized that Andrew's cock was now pressed right against him. Thin cotton pajama pants did nothing to disguise its hardness. Jonathan exhaled deeply. It shouldn't have this effect on him, he thought. All this unintentional touch in bed with Andrew should be no different from when he was little and the family cat curled up in bed with him. It was girls he was attracted to. Tallish blondes straight out of Playboy. He had no problem with Andrew's general preference for guys (Christina Ricci excepted), but they'd never done anything for him. Until these days in Mexico.

Now -- was it just loneliness that made the closeness with someone feel so good? Probably. But it was so hard to resist. He wanted to turn over, be face-to-face with Andrew, rub up against him -- but what would he say when Andrew woke up? That Andrew liked guys didn't mean he wanted Jonathan in particular. And it was all just so fucking awkward; villains in hiding weren't supposed to feel like this. They could swagger into local bars and pick up beautiful local girls like he'd never even caught a glimpse of from this little hideout.

He tried imagining some beautiful senorita in the bed behind him, but the reality of the male shape against him would not be ignored. He wondered what it would be like to reach over and take Andrew's cock in his hand, if it would feel very different from his own. Without thinking, he started to rub one of his own nipples, only realizing what his hand was doing when it sent a shock through him. It made him arch his back a little, and pushed his ass back against Andrew's crotch. Was Andrew pushing back? The rhythm of his breath hadn't changed.

Oh, the hell with it. Under his breath, Jonathan quickly repeated the words of a spell he'd found and memorized when Warren's bossiness was really starting to concern him. It gave the person casting it the power to control another for a short period, less than half an hour -- not as long as their fancy mind control sphere, but on the other hand it didn't require any equipment.

"Don't wake up," was the first thing he said in a normal tone of voice. And Andrew did seem to continue sleeping peacefully as Jonathan squirmed his way out of the cocoon of blankets around them, and pulled the covers off the bed entirely. Then he took off his pajamas before lying back down beside Andrew and softly placing a kiss on his lips.

The sleeping Andrew still kissed back a little, though his eyes stayed closed and his body didn't change position. With slightly more confidence, Jonathan commanded, "Touch me."

Andrew's hand snaked across his own chest to Jonathan's and traced lazy circles there. Jonathan guided it to a nipple, which Andrew started to roll between his thumb and forefinger. Jonathan arched his back in pleasure again and then threw a leg over Andrew's to rub his own hard-on against his friend's body.

One of Jonathan's hands had ended up against the side of Andrew's face, and Andrew turned his head slightly to suck one of the fingers into his mouth, surprising Jonathan into a gasp that was nearly a squeak. When he could speak again, Jonathan pulled away and groaned, "Suck my cock. Please!"

Andrew, eyes still closed, pushed himself onto one elbow and leaned in to nuzzle and lick his way down Jonathan's chest and belly until he could take in the head of that waiting cock into his mouth and suck in most of its length in one quick slurp. "Oh, God, yes, yes!" Jonathan moaned as the soft, wet tongue ran up and down and drove him quickly over the edge to come in Andrew's mouth.

As soon as there seemed to be a blood supply to his brain again, Jonathan told Andrew to lie down on his back, and pondered whether it would be fair to stop here and not give Andrew an orgasm. But the spell would fade soon, and between the energy drained from him by casting it and the post-orgasmic lassitude, he felt like he was barely going to manage wiping himself off a bit and putting his pajamas back on before falling asleep again. Andrew could just wake up with morning wood and deal with it on his own.

But after Jonathan got the blankets spread out over the whole bed again, he did crawl under them to settle nearer to Andrew than really necessary, not wanting the closeness to be over.
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Time:2008-12-29 03:26 pm (UTC)
Wow! So hot! Very well written! You know, I'm just now watching season 7 of Buffy, an dI think that Xander needs to have a go at Andrew.. Especially when he told Willow to "Gay me up"!
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[icon] Hello . . . - a Andrew/Jonathan slash group
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